Hearing Therapy

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Hearing Therapy

Hearing Therapy sessions provide information on communication tactics for patients, family, and significant others. Information and practical help is given for people who have dexterity, dual sensory loss or memory problems requiring additional help to adapt to their hearing aids or explore alternative communication tactics and listening devices.

Part of Hearing Therapy is providing counselling, relaxation and communication advice to people who are affected by Tinnitus / Hyperacusis or have central processing issues (reduced ability to discriminate speech in background noise). Alongside this, Kinsale Hearing provides information on environmental aids and assistive listening devices for TV, telephone, doorbells, fire alarms and other alerting devices can be given.

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Hearing Therapy Includes

  • Practical advice on communication tactics

  • Pre and post hearing aid fit counselling

  • Practical advice on Hyperacusis & Misophonia

  • Tinnitus Councelling

  • Advice on Auditory Processing Disorders / Obscure Auditory Dysfunction

  • Balance Rehabilitation