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Hearing Assessments

To book a clinical hearing assessment please contact

Hearing Assessments

All hearing assessments will be individually tailored on a personal needs basis with the goal to complete a standardised test battery to get as much information on the auditory/vestibular system as possible and hopefully, make a diagnosis on the same day. Depending on the client's developmental, attention and fatigue levels sometimes the assessment has to be split across two appointments. Full assessment reports can be provided at an extra cost for educational needs. Recommendations for onward referrals to other health care professionals i.e. GPs, ENT and Speech and Language Therapy, to aid a diagnosis and treatment will also be provided, if needed.

****If you suspect any ear wax blockage prior to any appointment at Kinsale Hearing please have this checked by your Nurse Practitioner at your registered GP and make sure this has been removed completely****

Adult Hearing Assessments

During a 1 hour adult hearing assessment, all areas of the hearing system are examined, this includes:

  • Full History
  • Otoscopy is the examination of the ear canal and ear drum identifying potential physical abnormalities related to a hearing loss
  • Tympanometryis used to evaluate the movement of the eardrum and status of the middle ear.
  • Pure-Tone Audiometry tests air and bone conduction to determine the type of hearing loss.
  • Speech Audiometry (optional)
  • Uncomfortable Loudness Level Measurements (optional)

Types of Hearing Loss:

  • A conductive hearing loss results from potential problems in the outer and/or middle ear.
  • A sensori-neural hearing loss is caused by problems in the inner ear- cochlea and auditory nerve.
  • A mixed hearing loss is a combination of both conductive and sensorineural.
Kinsale Hearing

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Impression Taking

Please contact us at Kinsale Hearing - we provide custom-made moulds, swim plugs, noise protection and musicians’ ear plugs.

Swimming plugs and ear moulds (All ages)

Ear impressions can be taken for ordering custom-made swimming plugs, ideal for preventing recurrent ear infections and post middle ear surgeries. Various ear-moulds for hearing aid users and custom-made musician earplugs are also available.

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